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Sheet Cutting Software

Optimik provides quick and detailed calculations and cutting plans for all types of sheet materials to help speed up your production process and reduce waste by creating optimized layouts. As ineffective material management can put a big strain on your business budget, implementing this software into your company can help you significantly improve its finances. More money in your pocket means more money for investments and further growth.

Automate your work with professional cutting software

Whether you work with plywood, glass, or metal with our sheet cut planner, you no longer need to work on individual designs. You can instantly create optimized sheet cutting layouts by providing the program with all the parameters and dimensions necessary for your products with the option to keep them in your product catalog for future use and edit their details to suit the needs of a new project. Available in three versions and with a variety of additional modules, this software can answer the specific requirements of your business, giving you easy access to your documents and order details, including the current status of all your projects and the quantities of materials in stock.

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