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Optimik Workman


Electronic licence – delivered by e-mail


Optimik Workman cutting plan optimization program

In the furniture production process, careless and improperly planned activities can lead to noticeable financial losses in the long run. The entrepreneur’s tasks include striving to optimize production processes, which will translate into better efficiency and timely execution of orders. For the sake of the development and efficient functioning of his company, the entrepreneur should arm his company with proven tools to optimize production. The nesting program Optimik Workman is such a tool.

Modern programs for the production of furniture

Modern furniture must not lack advanced tools to improve work and adapt to the expectations of a modern customer. Optimik Workman meets the needs of every company that cares about development through optimization and thoughtful production management. The program is used to design a cutting plan and format furniture boards. It will allow you to efficiently prepare a precise offer for the customer, reduce the consumption of production raw materials and improve the course of production processes. Optimik Workman is a proven tool for small, medium and large companies involved in the production of furniture. This modern program will enable your company to increase efficiency while reducing production costs. Take care of the development of your enterprise with modern programs for the production of furniture!

Optimik – advanced cutting optimization software

Optimik Workman is one of the three variants belonging to the Optimik series of programs. Its advantages are simple operation and a wide range of functions, which makes it an ideal tool for any furniture company. It can be successfully used by beginner carpenters as well as dynamically developing companies involved in the production of furniture. Every entrepreneur will appreciate its functionality, work efficiency and intuitive operation. Optimik Workman is a proven support also for your company!

Take care of your business development with the Optimik series of programs

Effective management of furniture production consists not only in the efficient execution of orders, but also in striving to minimize production costs and controlling work efficiency. Innovative programs, such as Optimik, were created to facilitate the work of entrepreneurs in this industry. Thanks to effective management, you can reduce costs and increase revenues in your company!

Optimik Hobby, Workman and Professional is a complete series of advanced programs aimed at entrepreneurs and hobbyists in the furniture industry. Designing furniture has never been so easy! The functional Optimik software is a solution tailored to modern furniture. Thanks to it, production management, optimal use of raw materials and increasing work efficiency in your company will cease to be an unattainable challenge. Prepare your company for dynamic development now with the specialized Optimik software!

Workman Version Limits:

  • Maximum number of parts in one cutting plan – 500 parts
  • Maximum number of store positions – 500 positions
  • Maximum number of computers / users –  5 computers / 10 users

Workman version not allowed:

  • Export cutting plans to text files

Hardware requirements: 

  • Processor: multi-core, e.g. i3, i5, i7 series / the faster the model, the greater the comfort of work
  • RAM operating memory: min 2 GB, we recommend 4-16 GB
  • Internet access – enabling program installation – we recommend a connection of at least 1 MB / s
  • About 200MB of memory on the hard disk (this is an estimate – the actual amount of disk space depends on the number of databases)
  • Graphics card with nVidia or ATI
  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 10 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows 7 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows 8 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows Vista – 32/64 bity,
    • the program does not work and does not work with Linux and Mac OS

The form of the license and its delivery

The license is delivered only electronically in the form of a program code with which the program must be registered.

Updates within the version:

All updates with new options and bugfixes are free of charge within the version 4.