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Optimik Professional
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Optimik Professional


Electronic licence  – delivered by e-mail


Optimik Professional panel cutting optimization software

The optimization of production processes is an important issue in every enterprise. To a large extent, this also applies to companies involved in the production of furniture. Careless cutting of boards can lead to a large amount of unnecessary waste, and thus increase the cost of materials. As part of reducing costs and optimizing production, it is necessary to implement a modern program for cutting boards. Optimik Professional is such a program, appreciated among entrepreneurs from the furniture industry. This proven tool is used to optimize material consumption by making the most of the board surface. It will turn out to be invaluable in any furniture production company!

Discover modern software for professionals

Optimik 4 in the Professional version is an extended variant of the well-known Optimik program for optimizing panel cutting. The software will allow you to reduce the amount of waste and reduce production costs in your company, which will translate into higher profits. In addition, the program saves time, eliminating the need to independently design the cutting of boards.

Efficient production with Optimik Professional

Running a business requires comprehensive action – by taking care of every aspect, you increase the chances of the success of your business! One of the extremely important elements that are particularly worth paying attention to is the optimization of production processes. By using modern tools such as Optimik Professional, you can reduce the time needed to complete each project. Remember that by optimizing production processes, you enable your company to develop faster!

Optimik Professional is a tool proven and appreciated by professionals. And you can find out about its effectiveness! The program is available in electronic version and is limited to 10 computers / 20 users. It will prove successful both in smaller companies and in large furniture factories..

Professional version limitations:

  • Maximum number of computers / users – 10 computers / 20 users

Hardware requirements: 

  • Processor: multi-core, e.g. i3, i5, i7 series / the faster the model, the greater the comfort of work
  • RAM operating memory: min 2 GB, we recommend 4-16 GB
  • Internet access – enabling program installation – we recommend a connection of at least 1 MB / s
  • About 200MB of memory on the hard disk (this is an estimate – the actual amount of disk space depends on the number of databases)
  • Graphics card with nVidia or ATI
  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 10 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows 7 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows 8 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows Vista – 32/64 bity,
    • the program does not work and does not work with Linux and Mac OS

The form of the license and its delivery

The license is delivered only electronically in the form of a program code with which the program must be registered.

Updates within the version:

All updates with new options and bugfixes are free of charge within the version 4.