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Optimik Hobby


Electronic license – delivered by e-mail


Optimizing material consumption in the production of stone, sheet metal and furniture has never been so easy. The Optimik program is a professional tool in which you can prepare a cutting of parts, boards, sheets, glass or stone sheets, and it will be perfect for projects with panel saws. All this in one place, in a program that will improve work and make it efficient and optimal.

Extensive possibilities with the Optimik

Optimik in the Hobby version is a perfect program for cutting parts(elements). It can perform up to 15 operations. It can be installed on 2 computers and for 4 users, thanks to which, after purchasing one software, it will be possible to use it on more than one station. We can easily carry out the planning of cutting forms. All these functions will optimize the cutting of forms, thanks to which the work will become simpler, organized and, above all, will be much faster than before

It will help you implement projects effectively 

The program is intuitive to use and its interface is clear and easy to learn. It allows you to create specific projects and orders, in which we edit the materials needed for implementation. You can also optimize the cutting of the parts, thus saving material. In addition, in this program, we will estimate the order completion time, so that projects have a chance to be implemented in a reliable and planned manner. Thus, we will save a lot of unnecessary nerves, and the entire work process will be transparent thanks to a strategic approach to its implementation.

Technical data and requirements 

It is worth noting that the program has its own hardware requirements, which recommend installing the program on a 64-bit system in the case of Windows 7 and 8. Its additional advantage is the ability to run the program also on older versions of this system. A very important component in the case of this program is the processor. The faster the model we have in our computer, the faster the work will run and the more comfort we will feel when using individual functions. Please note that you need an internet connection to install Optimik Hobby. If we want it to be fast, it is recommended to have a connection with a bandwidth of at least 1 MB / s and about 200 MB of memory on the disk. Although the amount of free memory needed depends on the number of databases. Note that this program does not work with Linux and Mac OS.

Practical and optimal

Although the Hobby version limits some possibilities, such as data import from text files or copying data from another database, the program does not lose its usefulness. It is a practical solution that will facilitate the cutting of forms and other projects. The license is delivered in code form, electronically and is lifetime.

Hobby Version Limits:

  • Maximum number of parts in one cutting plan – 100 parts
  • Maximum number of store positions – 50 positions
  • Maximum number of operations – 15 operations
  • Maximum number of attachment to 1 record – 2 attachments
  • Maximum number of computers / users – 2 computers / 4 users

Hobby version not allowed:

  • Import data from text file
  • Copying data from another database
  • Export cutting plans to text files

Hardware requirements: 

  • Processor: multi-core, e.g. i3, i5, i7 series / the faster the model, the greater the comfort of work
  • RAM operating memory: min 2 GB, we recommend 4-16 GB
  • Internet access – enabling program installation – we recommend a connection of at least 1 MB / s
  • About 200MB of memory on the hard disk (this is an estimate – the actual amount of disk space depends on the number of databases)
  • Graphics card with nVidia or ATI
  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 10 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows 7 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows 8 – we recommend the 64 bit version
    • Windows Vista – 32/64 bity,
    • the program does not work and does not work with Linux and Mac OS

The form of the license and its delivery

The license is delivered only electronically in the form of a program code with which the program must be registered.

Updates within the version:

All updates with new options and bugfixes are free of charge within the version 4.