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Hi I'm installing an Ignitech digital ignition system to my TMKZ10 144cc 2 stroke engine. The supplier has provided me with BTDC value of 10 degrees. How do I convert/calculate that value into millimetres? Stroke = 54.43mm Conrod length = 109.8mm


In this video, I'll be explaining ignition timing. Things like ignition advance and retard, burn rate or flame speed, two-stroke and four-stroke timing curve.

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Here's a calculator to change from degrees before top dead center (TDC) to millimeters before TDC or the reverse. You'll need to know your engine's. Con rod length - basic list in pop up menu below. Stroke - click here for a list of stock bikes: [ Lambretta ] [ Vespa] Then you need to know one of the following: Timing in degrees before top dead.

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How to Set Ignition Timing . Setting 2-stroke ignition timing is fairly simple. The majority of classic 2-strokes have ignition systems that fall into one of two types: contact points inside a flywheel magneto (Villiers and early Japanese engines) and external contact points mounted on an adjustable plate with an internal flywheel.

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The ignition timing is a very important element of the engine, as it allows the spark to fly to the spark plug. 4-stroke engines generally use the angle of the crankshaft to indicate the position of the piston before the top dead center, while 2-stroke engines use the height of the piston before the top dead center to determine the ignition timing.

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grayracer513. Ignition timing is normally in advance of TDC in gas engines because gas burns in a wave-like pattern, spreading outward from the spark plug. The idea, of course, is to put the optimum pressure on the piston as it drives the crank through it's most mechanically advantageous zone of rotation, which starts at around 15 degrees after.

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For 4-st it's fairly linear with rpm, more rpm, more advance. 2-st are not. If you look at most 2-st timing curves they start out advanced and then it's reduced at higher rpm. Small changes at high rpm can make differences is power. The only real way to verify what is needed is to do dyno runs at different timing.

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Enter the timing in degrees that you require into the calculator below and it will tell you how many millimeters the piston needs to travel before TDC, you then turn the flywheel anticlockwise until the dial gauge reads that number. You can then mark the Mag housing at the position of the arrow on the flywheel to mark your desired degrees. I.

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At a minimum, you need to enter values for the bore and stroke, although this will only calculate the engine displacement. Click on the label of any of the form fields for an explanation of that parameter. Omitting the height for a port lip will cause that port's timing to be skipped. The others will still be calculated as all are independent.


2-Stroke Ignition Timing Calculator. This calculator provides the calculation of ignition timing for 2-stroke engines. Explanation. Calculation Example: The ignition timing in a 2-stroke engine is crucial for optimizing engine performance and efficiency. It is the angle at which the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

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After entering the stroke and rod length, select either field to calculate. (1) enter the piston (port) height value and click "Calculate Duration" to get the open duration -or- (2) enter the open duration value and click "Calculate Height" to get the piston height. One field must have a value to calculate the other.

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Setting Ignition Timing on Pulserless Kits. Many of our ignition kits are designed specifically for an individual model and are supplied with pre-set timing so the stator is simply fitted with no provision for adjustments. Such ignitions assume a standard or lightly tuned engine. However where an engine has had significant work, EG porting, a.

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Two Stroke Port Duration Port Timing Basics. Air/gasoline enters the engine from the carburetor at a ratio close to 15:1. It enters via the intake port (as the piston rises) into the crankcase and then is transferred to the combustion area via the transfer ports (as the piston descends and the piston top uncovers the port opening to the cylinder).

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2 Stroke Port Timing Calculator. After entering the stroke and rod length, select either field to calculate. (1) enter the piston (port) height value and click "Calculate Duration" to get the open duration -or- (2) enter the open duration value and click "Calculate Height" to get the piston height. One field must have a value to calculate the.

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Acting on the thickness of the gaskets can be modified: exhaust timing duration. transfer timing duration. intake timing duration. combustion chamber volume. squish height. crankcase volume. Knowing how the change of the thickness of the gaskets affects these quantities is not automatic, and therefore often there are difficulties both for the.