Trade between the U.S and Mexico sets new record in 2022

Mexico's last island penal colony may now host cruise ships French Guiana Panama Mexico City

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A woman might win the presidency of Mexico. What could that mean for abortion rights?

Hundreds of migrants arrive at the US-Mexico border to cross into the US on the last day of Title 42, in Yuma, Arizona, on 11 May. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Juárez police arrest 9 alleged members of La Empresa cartel group

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Beyond the Wall at Mexico’s Border Six Photojournalists’ Perspectives The New York Times

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American guns help arm Mexican drug cartels, including CJNG

13 August 2021. Getty Images. The number of migrants detained at the US-Mexico border in July exceeded 200,000 for the first time in 21 years, government data shows. A total of 212,672 migrants.

HBO's The Last of Us to premiere on January 15

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Mormon Family Massacre Stuns Mexico, Laying Bare Government’s Helplessness The New York Times

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USD/MXN The Mexican Peso Gets Some Bullish News with Today’s Data US PCE Data Confirms its

The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), among the United States, Canada, and Mexico, entered into force in 1994, and by 2008 all tariffs and quotas on U.S. exports to Mexico were removed.

Inside the border crisis Photos from the front lines

U.S.-Mexico Relations. Over the course of two hundred years, the United States and Mexico have developed rich diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties but at times clashed over borders, migration.

Remains of U.S. soldiers killed in MexicanAmerican War come home after 170 years Fox News

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Mexico's chief detective apologizes for saying his country is the 'champion' of fentanyl production

The parents of two Perth brothers who vanished in Mexico are flying out to the area where they were last seen to join the search amid growing signs that they and their friend met with foul play.

Manufacturing in Mexico is having its moment. The US is buying in — and so is China

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Mexico cartel attack investigation leads to new arrests in massacre of American mothers

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‘Every year more stays here’ Mexico’s drug traffic is now hitting home Washington Post

The US border crisis - in four graphs. 29 June 2022. Getty Images. Migration into the US from Mexico continues to surge, breaking last year's record levels, and with deadly consequences. Over 50.

Mexico to spend 1.5bn on modernising US border BBC News

A country torn by instability since independence in 1821, Mexico had lost vast tracts of territory to the US in the war of 1846-48. Napoleon saw in Mexico a chance to draw a line against US.

Trade between the U.S and Mexico sets new record in 2022

Mexico was the single most common origin country for US border encounters in 2023, but Mexican nationals made up less than 30% of the total share, compared with more than 60% a decade ago. Arrow.