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Marcus Pierce es un personaje importante en la tercera temporada, así como el principal antagonista. Es un teniente de la policía de Los Ángeles y el nuevo jefe de Chloe Decker, Dan Espinoza y Ella Lopez. Más tarde, se revela que Pierce es en realidad Caín (también escrito Kane en los subtítulos de varios episodios), el primer asesino del mundo. Mientras él permanece humano, fue.

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Inspired by the romance at the heart of the Case of the Week and given a deciding nudge by Dr. Linda ("What do you truly desire?"), Lucifer "runs, like in a proper romantic comedy way, to.

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Chloe keeps her emotions pretty close. I think she has really been deeply in love with Lucifer for years by this point and he just keeps breaking her heart. I think she's so hurt by the time Pierce shows up that she's desperate for someone to finally be willing to commit to her and on the surface, Pierce seems perfect.

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Marcus and Chloe are co-workers at the Police Department. Chloe ignores the true identity of Marcus as being Cain, the world's first murderer, and Cain wants to use Chloe to have what he's always wanted: Death. Chloe seems to feel some feelings for Marcus but he does not seem to have any reciprocal feelings towards her. But he ends up falling for her and not wanting to hurt her until he finds.

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Aurora "Rory" Decker-Morningstar. Lucifer Morningstar is a fictional character and the protagonist of the TV series Lucifer. He is portrayed by Tom Ellis. [1] Neil Gaiman's Lucifer was partly inspired by David Bowie, but the show's creators decided against trying to mimic Bowie. [2]

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Implied/Referenced Suicide. Domestic Violence. Fluff. Character Death. High School AU- Lucifer. Chloe is cheerleading squad captain and is in a relationship with soccer team captain Marcus Pierce. Things are turned upside down when two new guys turn up from New York in the form of Lucifer Morningstar and Amenadiel.

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CarterMatt Verdict. We're somewhat surprised to see Chloe's engagement end so quickly and while we're happy about it as a Deckerstar fan, more could've probably been done to establish her reasoning to end it or willingness to take it in the first place. This issue aside, Lucifer season 3 episode 22 was a lot of fun and it really made a.

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Detective Trainee Chloe Decker has to go undercover at a local gym because the LAPD has been asked to help the FDA and CBP look into. counterfeit dietary supplements trafficking. Yeah, that's not what she thought she'd be investigating when she was promoted to work in the LAPD's Homicide Division. Language: English.

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Lucifer now stands at a crossroads, and unless the Devil makes a deal with himself, Chloe's relationship with Pierce must be allowed to play itself out. "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better.

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Chloe Jane Decker es un personaje ficticio co-protagonista de la serie de televisión Lucifer, de la plataforma de streaming, Netflix (originalmente de Fox).Es interpretada por la actriz Lauren German, [2] y apareció por primera vez en el episodio "Pilot", emitido el 25 de enero de 2016 en Estados Unidos. [3] Aunque la serie de televisión "Lucifer" es una adaptación del cómic del mismo.

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S3 E22: All Hands on Decker - Pierce and Chloe almost get married. Season three sees the introduction of LAPD Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) - later revealed to be Biblical figure Cain.

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bosses dive deep on that 'emotional' Deckerstar season 5 twist. Warning: This article contains spoilers about the first eight episodes of Lucifer season 5. In the first half of season 5, Lucifer.

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By Tilly Pearce Published: 10 September 2021. Lucifer season 6 finale spoilers follow. Lucifer has had more lives than a bag of cats, but the finale is finally upon us with a bittersweet ending.

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Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series developed by Tom Kapinos that began airing on January 25, 2016, and concluded on September 10, 2021. It revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (), an alternate version of the DC Comics character of the same name created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg.In the series, Lucifer is the devil but abandons Hell to run a nightclub in.

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Images courtesy of Netflix. "He is not a liar": In episode 10 of season 2, titled "Quid Pro Ho," Chloe takes the stand in court during a case related to the murder of her late father.Charlotte Richards (who, at this point in time, is still Lucifer's mother) had previously pulled Chloe aside and promised the case would end in her (Chloe's) favor, only if she testified that Lucifer.

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View Gallery22 Images. Fresh off saying yes to Pierce's proposal, Chloe took some days off to plan the wedding, which they had scheduled to happen in just three short weeks. Ella seized control.