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Common purchase queries answered


It depends which payment method you use.  With Stripe payment normally you receive licence in 24H. 

If you pay buy bank transfer, we must wait for payment. Standard is around 7 days. 

Account in our shop will be create automatically when you place the order.

Just look for e-mail, or you can check status with your Account Panel 

Yes we do if you are buy as a private person. We charge 23% VAT. 

If you are company from EU with valid VAT tax number, we reduce price about VAT. 

We will send you licence key to e-mail which we receive in order. 

Please look for SPAM inbox, sometimes it happened that our message go to SPAM 

Other common question


We don’t have return policy. Please read carefully Delivery and return policy
Generally Optimik is very easy software and we don’t give training support. You can watch tutorial movies in Client Portal  If happen some technical issue you can always contact with us and we try to help on-line. Contact with us
Watch video tutorials

Go to Client Portal with movies

Ask for 30 days full version

Test with CNC before buy

Be careful before buy

No returns policy

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