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Cabinet Cutlist Software

Every professional knows that in the furniture industry precision and efficient management of materials is the key to running a successful business, whether it’s a local workshop or a large manufacturing company. With our cabinet cutlist software, you can optimize your production and eliminate unnecessary waste resulting from ineffective cutting layouts and errors. It’s a simple solution that shortens the time needed to complete each project and guarantees that you will no longer throw away money along with wasted materials.

Automate production with intuitive software

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, Optimik is easy to use and its range of helpful features can become a practical tool in the everyday operation of all companies involved in furniture production. Instead of having your employees work on each individual design and layout, you can let the software’s algorithms automatically calculate the available area of the board and choose the most effective arrangement of the necessary parts to use as much of its surface as possible and save the material from being wasted.

Create customized cutting plans

One of the biggest benefits of using professional cabinet cutlist software is the fact that it makes your work quicker and easier. Whether you’re working on a batch of products or designing smaller quantities of customized cabinets for your customers, instead of starting each project from scratch, you can create your own product catalog to store previous designs and easily modify them to suit your needs in a matter of seconds. Enter the parameters of your products and let the software do the rest – shorter planning and cutting times mean your business can take on more work and increase profits.

Quick and easy access to all the information you need

Optimik offers a lot more than just creating cutting layouts, it provides you with all important information about your business operations. You can save time on looking for documents by keeping your invoices, orders, and contact details of your customers and suppliers neatly organized in one place. Use the full potential of all the available modules to create optimal cutting plans, monitor your stock, reserve materials, export data directly to CNC cutting machines, and keep track of the payments to streamline your production line.

What can your business gain thanks to Optimik?

With functional features available in all three versions, this furniture and kitchen cabinet cutlist software is the perfect choice for manufacturing companies of all sizes. Choose the option best suited to your needs, and when these needs change, simply upgrade the software to another variant to always use the optimal solutions and keep your business running smoothly.

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