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Optimik Software – Best for Cutting Optimization

Create optimized cutting layouts with this professional tool to accelerate the production process and reduce the waste of materials to the minimum. Don’t waste time on designing individual boards, automate your work, finish your projects on time and cut sheet materials, including plywood, metal, plastic and glass, quickly and with precision!

Available in three versions – Hobby, Workman and Professional, this software is a great and effective solution for both hobbyists and professional carpenters, as well as small, medium and large companies working in the furniture industry. With a range of helpful features built-in, it gives you full control over your cutting operations to limit the costs and maximize productivity!

Purchasing additional modules enables further customization of the cutting process to meet the specific requirements of your business. With this cutlist optimizer, you can automatically create optimal layouts to use the entire surface area of the material you’re working with without leaving unusable cuts and instantaneously calculate quantities and prices of the materials needed for your project.

As the official distributor of the Optimik cutting optimization software for international customers, we offer only proven solutions and up-to-date versions of the program compatible with all the updates and upgrades provided by the developer. And if the needs of your company change due to its development, choose an update that suits your current situation and keep your operation efficient.

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